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2020 PAUSATF Calendar

Open Men's Roster 

From 2015?

West Valley Track Club Track Races

PAXC descriptions (2015)

WVTC participates in this series of 12 races in the bay area from August through December.

The annual Pacific Association Cross Country Grand Prix combines 12 Northern California dirt and grass races into a series from August to November while the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships takes place in December. West Valley competes at the national, regional and local levels in XC and aims to be a leader in this race series. West Valley had an amazing XC season in 2015 - the season started off running up the campus trails of Santa Cruz to racing through Golden Gate Park…receiving beer mugs after runners' hard work effort at China Camp to participating in the PA Championships in San Francisco.  As far as standings go, the Open Men and Women's team placed 2nd overall, while the Men's Masters team placed 1st and the Women's Masters team placed 6th. Full standings can be found here.



The XC Grand Prix races range from a 5k to a 8k.  The preliminary 2016 PA Cross Country Schedule can be found here.  The series ends with the USATF National Club XC Championships in December where more than 100 XC clubs and 1,200 competitors from all over the United States compete.  This past year, the National Club Championships were in San Francisco, California. Master's men placed 2nd overall! While Open Men placed 20th, Open Women 30th and Master's Women 18th.

PA Road descriptions (2015)

WVTC participates in this series of 11 races in the bay area from August through December.

   The Pacific Association of USA Track and Field organizes two different series of road races that are scored on a team and an individual basis. Prize money is awarded for top finishes for teams and individuals. West Valley aims to field competitive master’s, men’s, and women’s teams for these race series, and they are often major focus races for our training groups, so members are encouraged to run these races.  The five races in the short series range from 10K to 1 mile.  The six races in the long series range from 12K to the marathon. The complete list of the 2016 races can be found here.



   In 2015 all of the West Valley teams had strong showings at races in this series. The Open Men placed third overall in the combined roads series, an accomplishment that is a testament to a lot of great performances, and an impressive consistency throughout the year. After a dominant cross country season the masters men’s team should be very strong on the roads in 2016. The WVTC women’s team has been building momentum, and placed well in several of the series races: second at the NorCal 10 miler and second at the Marin 10K. The masters women’s team got 4th at the Marin 10K. This year we are excited to get deeper participation in the roads series to improve our overall standings on the women’s side. 

PA T&F descriptions (2015)

Members of the WVTC participate in track races throughout the spring. WVTC athletes have a variety of specialties on the track ranging from 400 meters up to the 10km. Two of the main track meets we participate in are the Johnny Mathis Invitational and the Distance Carnival, both at San Francisco State University. Two of the notable performances from last year’s Distance Carnival were Alex Varner and Malcolm Richards’ stellar 10km races, finishing in 29:53 and 29:55 respectively.The Pacific Association of USATF has a scoring track series where athletes can submit their marks from various track meets. Unlike cross country, the track series is not a team series, it only scores individual athletes.  There are minimum standards for marks to be counted, for more information visit A majority of the track races in the USATF track series are collegiate meets that allow club athletes and open athletes to compete. The Pacific Association of USATF also hosts Open and Masters championships that are held at the end of May or beginning of June.

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From 2015?

NorCal Running Review

Original description and links:

NorCal Running Review and West Valley Newsletter (82 issues) (1969 to 1981): 82 Newsletters from November 1969 to Spring 1981 (downloaded from: (Originally West Valley Newsletter). Thank you to LA84, Jack Leydig, Bill Cockerham, and others. LA84 web-link:  Link to Issues 01 to 82 at the website Below are links to LA84 for each individual issue for NorCal Running Review and West Valley Newsletter:

No. 01  Nov 1969, Year 1, No 1

No. 02 May 1970

No. 03 Mar 1970

No. 04 Dec 1969

No. 05 June 1970

No. 06 Feb 1970

No. 07 Apr 1970

No. 08 Jan 1970

No. 09 Nov 1970

No. 10 July 1970

No. 11  Aug 1970

No. 12  Dec 1970

No. 13 Sept 1970

No. 14 Oct 1970

No. 15 Jan 1971

No. 16 Feb 1971

No. 17 Mar 1971

No. 18  Apr 1971

No. 19  May 1971

No. 20  June 1971

No. 21  July 1971

No. 22  Aug 1971

No. 23  Sept 1971

No. 24  Oct 1971

No. 25  Nov 1971

No. 26  Dec 1971

No. 27  Jan 1972

No. 28  Feb 1972

No. 29  Mar 1972

No. 30  Apr 1972

No. 31  May 1972

No. 32  June-July 1972

No. 33  Aug 1972

No. 34  Sept 1972

No. 35  Oct 1972

No. 36  Nov 1972

No. 37  Dec 1972 – Jan 1973

No. 38  Feb 1973

No. 39  Mar 1973

No. 40  Apr 1973

No. 41  May-June 1973

No. 42  July 1973

No. 43  Aug-Sept 1973

No. 44  Oct-Nov 1973

No. 45  Dec 1973

No. 46  Jan – Feb 1974

No. 47  Mar-Apr 1974

No. 48  May-June 1974

No. 49  July – Aug 1974

No. 50  Sept – Oct 1974

No. 51  Nov – Dec 1974

No. 52  Jan – Feb 1975

No. 53  Mar – Apr 1975

No. 54  May – June 1975

No. 55  July – Aug 1975

No. 56  Sept – Oct 1975

No. 57  Nov – Dec 1975

No. 58  Jan – Feb 1976

No. 59  Mar – Apr 1976

No. 60  May – June 1976

No. 61  July – Aug 1976

No. 62  Sept – Oct 1976

No. 63  Nov – Dec 1976

No. 64  Jan – Feb 1977

No. 65  Mar – Apr 1977

No. 66  May – June 1977

No. 67  July – Aug 1977

No. 68  Sept – Oct 1977

No. 69  Winter 1977

No. 70  Mar – Apr 1978

No. 71  May – June 1978

No. 72  July – Aug 1978

No. 73  Sept – Oct 1978

No. 74  Nov – Dec 1978

No. 75  Winter 1979

No. 76  Spring 1979

No. 77  Summer 1979

No. 78  Sept – Oct 1979

No. 79  Winter 1979-1980

No. 79a  Spring 1980

No. 80  Summer 1980

No. 81  Fall 1980

No. 82  Spring 1981

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