Club Records

Club Records

National Distance Finishes


1. Track events only (no road races).

2. A club member who is not participating in the event must serve as starter and timer; a second timer is encouraged in case of mishaps but not required (if there's no valid time, then no record, so participants would be well advised to try to have two timers). 
3. Video of the event must be taken by someone in attendance (doesn't need to be a club member). Effort should be made to show the runners at the start line and crossing the finish line, i.e., stand back a little bit from the runners if possible so that a view of the lines can be seen. Also, the timer should make an effort to note on the video prior to starting the race that the runners are starting from the correct start line and meeting any other requirements normal for the event.

4. Pacers are fine, but no illegal pacing (i.e., no one jumping in late or jumping in and out).

5. A minimum of 3 participants in the race will be required.
6. Pre-notification of the record attempt must be made to the club president and the club record keeper via email with details about where, when, who will be timing, etc.  This enables the club to provide feedback to ensure that the event is conducted appropriately.

7. It is encouraged but not required that other club members be notified (via email, whatsapp, etc) of the attempt and given the opportunity to participate.

8. Records achieved in this manner (i.e., outside of USATF or other sanctioned events) will be denoted in the record book with an ** or something similar.

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