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The West Valley Track Club has been an institution on the Northern California and national running scene for almost fifty years. Founded in 1964, it is the oldest track club in Northern California. The club has been active across the spectrum of the sport, including Track and Field, Road Racing, Cross Country, and Mountain Ultra Trail.


Anyone can compete in the Club's Cross-Country program in the fall, running with their teammates against some of the finest collegiate competition in the country as well as members of local clubs. Interested members have workouts emphasizing cross-country running.


The Cross-Country program is part of the Pacific Association's offerings which being in early September and culminate in late November. Clubs and individuals compete for points throughout the season. Top teams and individuals may win cash prizes along with certain bragging rights.

Road Racing

Though members compete in a variety of road races throughout the year, the Club does focus on the Pacific Association LDR Grand Prix Series. This series of races from January through December of each year ranges from distances of just one mile to the marathon.


Local running clubs and individuals compete for series points. Cash prizes are awarded to top teams and individuals at season's end. For series races, your LDR representative may request your assistance in organizing competitive teams, or helping to arrange car-pooling, hotel accommodations, or restaurant reservations when a race is out of town.


While these races are not mandatory, member participation is high and nothing beats having your teammates cheer you on while you're sprinting for the finish, or participating on a winning team. Team members also get together for weekly track workouts and socializing.

Track and Field

The Pacific Association offers a low pressure, high quality program of about a dozen meets each year between February and May. Competitions range from the low-key all-comers meets, which are open to all Club members, to late season invitationals, with entry standards. A series of track meets for the masters athletes are available as well. These meets are geared for the age group competitors and are typically open to athletes 30 and over. Our Track and Field representative will assist in entries to meets, travel arrangements, and other matters relating to these events.

Mountain Ultra Trail (MUT)

The Pacific Association does offer an Ultra Distance Grand Prix Series with a schedule of race events for the year. We have members who compete in this sport of great mental and physical strength. Come join us for a long trail run in Marin County! 

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