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The Discovery Project is an opportunity to explore your backyard trails and local businesses with your teammates--in spirit. From January 1 - March 21, 2021, visit as many of the nine courses and their "partnered" businesses as you can. Earn points for each course you run and each business you visit. Extra points are awarded for the top 5 times on each course. 

Run to explore, try for maximum points and prizes, or just eat and drink--however you want to participate is fair game! Just be sure to stay socially distanced and safe, and take photo evidence of your activity. Let's set our sights (and strides) on a brighter 2021! 


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the destinations

Mt. tam

The infamous climb--from Mill Valley since reservations are required at Muir Woods. 

 Rec'd Day: Jan 1

Distance:  9.8 mi

Elevation gain: 2500 ft


Course details


bootjack wood fired


Baked goods and coffee by morning; wood-fired pizza by afternoon.

Address: 17 Madrona St 

               Mill Valley

Sat/Sun hours: 7:30am-2pm


lake chabot

Half wooded trail, half paved, on rolling hills looping around the lake.

 Rec'd weekends: Jan 4-5,

Jan 16-17 

Distance:  9.0 mi

Elevation gain: 800 ft

Course details


red bay coffee


Artisanal, direct trade coffee. "Beautiful Coffee To The People."

Address: 3098 East 10th Street

              Oakland, CA

Sat/Sun hours: 8am-4pm


GG park loop

The classic PLoop from Kezar to the ocean and back. 

 Rec'd Weekend: Jan 23-24

Distance:  6.9 mi

Elevation Gain: 300 ft


Course details


Flywheel coffee roasters


An independent coffee roaster in Haight-Ashbury

Address: 672 Stanyan St 

              San Francisco

Sat/Sun hours: 7am-6pm


Sawyer camp

A long paved segment of the longer Crystal Springs Regional Trail 

 Rec'd Weekend: Feb 6-7

Distance:  10.0 mi

Elevation Gain: 200 ft


Course details


Fieldwork Brewing company


Craft brewery with a taproom, beer garden, and fresh beer to-go.

Address: 3030 S Delaware St 

              San Mateo

Sat/Sun hours: 12-10pm/9pm


tennessee valley

An out-and-back to the ocean from Mill Valley.

 Rec'd weekend: Feb 13-14

Distance:  7.0 mi

Elevation Gain: 700 ft


Course details


the junction


A sprawling beer garden with fire pits and 30 beers on tap.


Address: 226 Shoreline Hwy

                 Mill Valley

Sat/Sun hours: 11 am/10am-9 pm


Lake merced

A little belated Christmas Relays action. Paved, flat, and fast. 

 Rec'd Weekend: Feb 20-21

Distance:  4.0 mi

Elevation Gain: 100 ft


Course details


sunset reservoir brewing co.


Craft brewery serving comfort food and beers in the Outer Sunset.

Address: 1735 Noriega St 

               San Francisco

Sat/Sun hours: 10am-10pm/9pm


briones reservoir

A mildly hilly loop around the beautiful reservoir.

 Rec'd weekends: Feb 22-23,

Mar 6-7 

Distance:  13.4 mi

Elevation Gain: 1000 ft


Course details


faction brewing 


A 20-barrel brewhouse specializing in hoppy beers and overlooking the Bay.

Address: 2501 Monarch St


Sat/Sun hours: 12-7pm/6 pm


Huddart Park


Over 900 acres of coastal mountains with numerous trails running along cool gulches and hillsides.

 Rec'd weekend: March 13-14

Distance: 6.9 mi

Elevation Gain: 1500 ft


Course details


the village bakery

Half bakery specializing in breads, half restaurant serving brunch, lunch and dinner.

Address: 3052 Woodside Road

Sat/Sun hours: 7am to 6pm


ggp open

The traditional cross country course in Golden Gate Park

 Rec'd Day: March 21

Distance:  4.0 mi

Elevation Gain: 200 ft


Course details


arizmendi bakery


Worker-owned cooperative with sourdough croissants, tea breads, and some of the best scones in city

Address: 1331 9th Ave 

               San Francisco

Sat/Sun hours: 8am to 6pm




General Rules

  • To participate, you must be a current member of WVTC with your 2021 dues paid. (See here to get up-to-date.)

  • Please be safe and follow all local social distancing rules.

  • All activities should be submitted with a photo of you at the course or business. A selfie is best but a photo of your watch or beer--anything that shows you went and did the thing--works. No group photos unless you're masked and distanced.

  • Running routes are paired with a nearby local business for convenience, but you can do the two activities on different days--or only do one of them at all--if you wish.

  • Each destination has a "recommended weekend(s)" to help us feel like we're doing this together. However, you can do any of the activities at any time.

  • Points are awarded once for each run or business. Duplicates will overwrite previous submissions.


Visit a local business         
Complete a run                       
Hold the fastest course time  
Hold the 2nd fastest course time 
Hold the 3rd fastest course time 
Hold the 4th fastest course time 
Hold the 5th fastest course time

Example scoring

  • Visit all 9 businesses and complete all 9 runs
    = 9×2 points + 9×2 points = 36 points

  • Visit 6 businesses and complete 5 runs, holding the 3rd fastest time on one of the courses
    = 6×2 points + 5×2 points + 1×3 points = 25 points

  • Complete 9 runs, holding the fastest time on all 9 
    = 9×2 points + 9×5 points = 63 points


Note: "Fastest times" are awarded on a per-gender, per-division basis. There will be 4 "fastest" times per course.










≥ 18 

≥ 36 

1st place overall

2nd-5th place


$10 gift card to SFRC

WVTC-embroidered fleece

An awesome assortment of goods from various local businesses

A smaller, but still awesome, assortment of goods

Tracking and logging businesses

  • Buy something! Bring some home for your family or roommates! We hope you'll make the most of the opportunity to support small local businesses.

  • Takeout definitely counts.

  • If a business has multiple locations, any location counts.

  • Take your submission photo with both yourself and a part of the business (e.g. a sign) visible if possible.

Tracking runs

  • When possible, start and end your runs at the indicated locations. If the course is a loop, you may start it at any point, but please follow the course as mapped.

  • If the start/stop locations in the photos seem to differ slightly from the Strava route, please defer to the photo locations. 

  • If you do the course within a longer run, please split your watch at the official start and stop locations.

  • If you make a mistake, don't sweat it. 

Logging runs

  • To get your 2 points for completing a run, you may choose to submit either a photo of you at the course or your GPS link.

  • To get any additional points for your course time, you must include your GPS link and your time. 

  • When submitting a time, please pretty please only submit your time for the official course. If you did extra miles, please subtract those splits. 

  • Submit times in MM:SS or MMM:SS only, e.g. 96:00 instead of 1:36:00.

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