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Taking Back the Indoor Marathon World Record

The Quest with Malcolm Richards Taking Back the Indoor Marathon World Record

Malcolm Richards vs Chris Zablocki

Indoor Marathon

2016: 2:21:55 - Malcolm Richards (WR)

2017: 2:21:48 - Chris Zablocki (WR)

2018: Get Ready for Sub 2:20!

2017 CIM Marathon

2:13:28 by Malcolm Richards (6th Place)

2:13:45 by Chris Zablock (8th Place)

The Armory Track in NYC

  • 200 Meter Track

  • 211 Laps with a Turnaround Halfway

  • Prize Money for the Win + World Record

  • Saturday March 17th at 12:00PM EST

  • Live Webcast at RunnerSpace

Preparation & Goal

  1. What have you done to prepare for an Indoor Marathon World Record? Run a lot. Avoided indoor tracks, which is easy in California.

  2. What makes you so good at running on an indoor track? I don’t know that I’m especially “good” at running on an indoor track. I am good at embracing repetition and boredom.

  3. What is your strategy to beat the current World Record holder Chris Zablocki? Knowing the thousands upon thousands that will be reading this interview I don’t know that it would be best to reveal strategy now! I actually plan to talk to him beforehand and see what his thinking is, and hopefully we can work together for a bit anyway.

  4. How much do you want to lower the World Record? I feel like I definitely want to bring it down below 2:20, which is likely what it will take considering the competition.

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