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Open Women Step it Up at USATF National Club XC Championships

Throughout the cross-country season, the second-place West Valley women were led by Ibet Allan, Steph MacKenzie, and Nicole Campbell. However, heading into club cross-country nationals in San Francisco, the team would be without this formidable trio. They would need others to step up, and step up they did!

The depth of the team was strong all year, and today would be no exception, with the five scoring women all within a minute of each other. Katie Famous led the squad in 22:59, dipping under 23 for the first time. Alyson Barrett-Ryan may not have been feeling 100%, but she is a tough-as-nails racer, coming in right behind Katie in 23:09. Caitlin Roake and Felice Kelly worked together, finishing in 23:23 and 23:35 respectively. Theresa Fritz-Endres rounded out the scoring team in 24:07, a solid effort in the midst of her grueling coursework. Leah Cowdrey competed on the trails because she is an awesome teammate, while Nicole Mather helped rally the recruiting effort for nationals and helped displace other runners.

Overall, the team finished 30th out of 41 teams, a solid result against an elite field. As has been the case all season long, this was a tremendous team effort and an excellent way to finish the season. Well done, ladies!

30. 825 West Valley Track Club-A ( 23:27 1:57:13 1:08) ============================================= 1 140 Katie Famous 36 22:59 461 2 153 Alyson Barrett-Ryan 36 23:09 459 3 162 Caitlin Roake 27 23:23 466 4 172 Felice Kelly 35 23:35 463 5 198 Theresa Fritz-Endres 24 24:07 462 6 (208) Leah Cowdrey 30 24:32 460 7 (232) Nicole Mather 30 25:41 464

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