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Intrasquad Club Record Rules

(1) Track events only (no road races and no field events). Mixed Age-Group participants in non-Relay events is allowed.

(2) A Club member not participating in the event must serve as starter and timer; a second timer is encouraged in case of mishaps, but not required. There must be a “valid” time for any new record.

(3) Video of the event must be taken by someone in attendance (doesn’t need to be a Club member). Video should show runners at starting line and crossing the finish line. Timer should note on video prior to starting the race that runners are starting from the correct start line (especially important for English distances run on a 400m track). Handoff lines are also important in English relays on metric tracks.

(4) Pacers are fine, but no illegal pacing (no one jumping in late or jumping in and out (pacers for each leg of a relay is ok).

(5) A minimum of 3 participants in the race will be required (all need not be Club members for non-Relay events). One team ok for Relays. Batons are not necessary for Relays above One Mile…slapping hands is ok.

(6) Pre-notification of the record attempt must be made to Club President and the Club Records Chairman via e-mail (event(s), age-division(s), where, when, and who will be timing, etc.).

(7) It is encouraged, but not required, that other Club members be notified by e-mail, or some other method, of the attempt and given the opportunity to participate.

(8) Records achieved in this manner (outside of USATF or other sanctioned meets) will be denoted in the Record Book as “Intrasquad”. Split times for Relays above One Mile is encouraged. Non-electronic times will be adjusted (see Hand Time Conversion at top of page).

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