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Peninsula Running Clubs: The Six Fifty Guide To Finding Your Group

Just moved to the area? Or just need a fresh way to get your butt out of bed in the mornings? Run clubs will help you meet new people and exercise regularly. Good news is there are a bunch on the Peninsula. The issue — knowing where to start.

No sweat. We spoke with the top six clubs on the Peninsula to help you decide. Because a running club is like a running shoe, the fit has to be just right.

Tuesday Track Practice
Advanced Runners
West Valley Track Club

Like wearing short shorts and sweating through your shirt? We know you do. West Valley Track Club is the premier running club on the Peninsula with track workouts and 6–12+ mile runs that’ll kick your ass.

Board Member Jason Karbelk describes West Valley as a “competitive, social running club that promotes training hard, racing hard, but having fun.” He says that a majority of the members ran competitively either in high school or college.

Karbelk did stress that membership is “very, very, very social.” Favorite events include Bay to Breakers, where 13 members connected by bungie run the race as a centipede, and a 70 mile relay around Lake Tahoe that’s been a West Valley tradition for the last 50+ years.

New member dues are $60 for the year ($50 for a renewal). If you’re interested getting started, email West Valley’s Peninsula team captain, Nicole Campbell (

2016 Bay to Breakers

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