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Master's Men 2nd at USATF National Club XC Championships

The West Valley TC masters men had one goal this cross country season: a team podium finish at USATF X/C Club Nationals. Mission accomplished. Our guys finished second in the nation, behind a strong squad from Oregon’s Bowerman Elite, and ahead of a deep team from Boston Athletic Association. Our masters men rose to championship form, with the scoring folks running their best race of the season.

Deserved of special attention are Neville Davey (3rd, the only race he did not win this season), Mark Yuen (16th), Todd Rose (21st), Chuck Mullane (26th) and Ivan Lieben (39th) to round out the scoring members of the team.

Silver Medals to WVTC Master's Men

While our Club Nationals’ leading five deserve special kudos, it should not be understated the importance that team depth played this season. Under Jack Youngren’s tutelage, our masters runners executed a smart and gradual build all season, playing to the strength of team depth with WVTC individuals winning all 10 Pacific Association cross country races this season, and capping the PA portion of the season with a dominating win, scoring seven runners in the top 10.

2. 87 West Valley Track Club-A ( 33:26 2:47:09 2:29) ============================================= 1 2 Neville Davey 40 31:47 2216 2 14 Mark Yuen 45 33:33 2227 3 18 Todd Rose 42 33:42 2223 4 23 Charles Mullane 46 33:51 2222 5 30 Ivan Lieben 46 34:16 2218 6 (104) Rhodes Walton 41 37:28 2225


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